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Monthly Archives: January 2020


Ross Township Man Arrested with Duffel Bag Full of Meth Paraphernalia

By Gary E. Gerson |

What could be more innocent than a bag full of mason jars?  It depends what else is in the bag.  You can get arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia if you have a group of items that would be legal by themselves but which are rarely found together except in the context of preparing… Read More »

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Pennsylvania Senator Charged with Possession of Sexually Explicit Images of Minors

By Gary E. Gerson |

Mike Folmer, a Republican who became a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate has resigned after being arrested on charges of possession of sexual abuse of children after pornographic images that appear to detect minors were found on his phone.  Folmer is known for being one of the first conservative politicians in Pennsylvania to… Read More »

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Latrobe Police and K9 Zeus Search Vehicle and Seize 10 Bricks of Heroin

By Gary E. Gerson |

If the police find drugs in your possession, it does not automatically mean that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Depending on the quantity of drugs found and on whether you have any previous convictions, you might be eligible for pretrial diversion instead of a conventional sentence.  If you do go to trial,… Read More »

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