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Domestic violence and assault charges in professional settings can seriously hinder a person’s career. Being accused of assault in a school setting as a teacher is a career ender. Teachers understand that they are not to put their hands on students in a threatening way unless that student poses a threat to him- or herself, another student, or the teacher. This is why when we hear stories of teachers “assaulting” students it is important that all of the facts are gathered before passing judgment. Police in Whitehall are currently investigating allegations that a teacher from Baldwin-Whitehall hit a student on Wednesday at the J.E. Harrison Middle School. The boy’s grandmother called police to report the incident; however, when officers arrived at J.E. Harrison, neither the teacher nor the student were present, according to the responding officers. The boy’s grandmother and the boy came to the police station later to file an official report, according to the Whitehall Borough police chief. The boy’s grandmother said that after she was done talking to police officers, she was taking the boy to Jefferson Hospital to be examined and treated. Police are investigating at the school today to speak to school administrators, the teacher in question, and any other school staff members or students who might be able to provide information about the allegations. If you have questions about domestic violence or assault, or if you are being questioned by police about assault, call Pittsburgh criminal defense Gary Gerson today for a free initial consultation at 412-219-6875 .

Source:, “Police investigate report that Baldwin-Whitehall teacher struck student” 6 May 2015

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