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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > Pittsburgh Child Pornography Lawyer > Internet crimes and child pornography: woman jailed for framing husband

Internet crimes and child pornography: woman jailed for framing husband

A woman from Indiana County was convicted of attempting to frame her estranged husband for possessing child pornography on his home computer. She was sentenced last Monday to serve as long as two years in jail. The 43-year-old Clymer, PA woman was accused of beginning an investigation that she tasked the Southwest Computer Crime Task Force to perform. She apparently visited the Indiana office in August of 2013. She told officials of the task force that her husband committed several types of criminal activities and that he had various pictures child pornography of which he was in possession via the family’s home computer. Instead, the woman was charged with internet crimes of downloading the files herself and lying to authorities on her husband’s involvement. Police told reporters that after a close examination of couple’s computer, it was revealed that all the child pornography images were downloaded to the hard computer’s drive on 11 August, according to the complaint, but the woman’s husband had actually left her and their home on 23 July 2013, never to return. In fact, he was ordered to leave the home after the woman acquired a protection from abuse (PFA) order against him. Now the tables are turned, and the woman has been charged with downloading and possessing child porn, which is a felony, and giving an unsworn falsification to authorities, which is listed as a misdemeanor. The judge overseeing the case, Common Pleas Judge Thomas M. Bianco, sentenced the woman to begin serving her sentence – minimum of nine months (including time served), maximum of two years – immediately at the Indiana County Jail. In addition, the woman was placed under two years of probation once she finishes her sentence for the unsworn falsification to authorities charge. The woman was also order to undergo mental treatment and reviews, as well as an anger management evaluation. Although the woman is not considered to be a sexual predator, the internet crimes child pornography conviction requires her to submit to the sex offender’s registry list with Pennsylvania State Police for a term of at least fifteen years. If you have questions about child pornography, or feel that you have been wrongfully charged with any type of internet crimes, call Pittsburgh internet crimes attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875. Source: TribLive.com, “Child porn lie lands Clymer woman in jail” 17 December 2014

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