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Internet crimes: penalties for child pornography

I was recently speaking with a prospective client who was concerned that a family member may have downloaded child pornography onto her home computer. Possession and distribution of child pornography is one of those internet crimes where there is little leeway amongst judges when someone is found undeniably guilty. The woman was concerned for herself, but also for her family member. She wanted to know the penalties for internet crimes like child pornography. And she wanted to get that family member help. After a discussion with the woman, she is now headed in the right direction. It gave me an idea for a blog about the penalties of child pornography. In Pennsylvania, law defines child pornography “knowingly possessing, producing or distributing pornographic images of children.” A person under 18 is a considered a child, as it is defined by the United States government. Child pornography falls under the mandates of state and federal law. Penalties for child pornography are steep and a conviction can ruin a person’s life in many more ways than one. Even first time child pornography offenders are subject to mandatory minimum sentences of five years for receiving, distributing, possessing with the intent to sell, and the transportation of or production of child pornography. For simple possession of child pornography, the convicted can receive a five year sentence. There are also penalties after jail time, such as registration to the sex offender’s list. If you have questions about penalties for child pornography and other internet crimes of a sexual nature, please call Allegheny County internet crimes attorney Gary Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875.

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