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U.S. & International College Student Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protecting The Rights Of U.S. And International Students Accused Of Crimes

College students far from home — especially international students who hail from other countries — need skilled local legal representation after a serious brush with the law, on or off campus.

Parents of those students should not have to worry about the need to travel, or their children’s rights being aggressively protected after an arrest for underage drinking, drug possession or a sex crime.

The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson in Pittsburgh provides the quality legal services that increase the chances of a student staying in school — and staying out of jail.

Gary E. Gerson is a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience and the track record of success to go with them. Attorney Gerson offers skillful U.S. and international student criminal defense representation in Western Pennsylvania. Throughout the legal process, from arraignment to outcome, our law firm stands solidly behind your student and works hard for your family, to put this crisis behind you and help your youngster avoid harsh punishments.

Aggressive Local Representation | U.S. and International Student Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh

Our college student defense practice is ready to help after an arrest for any juvenile offense, theft crime, drug crime, property crime, violent crime, sex crime such as date rape, series of traffic violations and any offense related to DUI.

Gary E. Gerson listens closely as your student son or daughter describes circumstances leading to the arrest. His investigative connections look carefully into whether law enforcement overstepped its bounds. He knows how to negotiate with prosecutors, the goal being reduction or outright dismissal of charges. And his litigation prowess is well-known throughout the region, if a matter must come to trial.

Parents of students in trouble can count on Mr. Gerson for straight talk, creative strategies, realistic assessments and frequent updates on the status of the case. This commitment to attentive personal service shines through in everything our lawyer does for you.

Don’t surrender to the stress of your student’s legal difficulties. Speak to experienced U.S. and international student defense attorney Gary E. Gerson free of charge in an initial consultation. Our phones are answered 24/7 at 412-219-6875 in Pittsburgh or toll free at 866-791-3969. We welcome your email contact.

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