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Criminal defense attorneys like myself take dozens of phone calls each day. Most of my clients have been involved or accused of driving under the influence, petty drug crimes, and the occasional aggravated assault charge. However, there are those crimes we read about that make even me and my colleagues do a double take. Regardless of the situation, when it is considered a federal crime, the suspect will indubitably a criminal defense attorney on his or her side to protect them against a federal grand jury. A man from Jefferson Hills is suspected of violating federal poultry laws, according to federal prosecutors, after they say the man has been operating an illegal slaughterhouse. Yesterday, a federal grand jury indicted the 83-year-old Chinese immigrant with selling and/or transporting misbranded and adulterated poultry and transporting or selling poultry products with mandated inspection. In 2013, federal agents raided the man’s home and found fifty-two chickens, two ducks, seven pigeons, and a teal peacock. Earlier in both 2010 and 2011, the same man was convicted of animal cruelty after a police raid at the man’s same Jefferson Hills home, as well as another home the man owns in Pittsburgh’s West End. During the West End police raid, chicken cages and a dirty meat cleaver were found. In addition, police found large freezers that held several types of animals’ limbs, a dead squirrel, and pigs’ heads. While this may seem funny to some, federal charges are no laughing matter. If convicted, this is a serious crime, and the suspect could be facing jail time, large fines, and years of probation, including the inability to keep household pets. If you have questions about an odd crime with which you’ve been charged, please call Pittsburgh federal crimes attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 .

Source:, “Federal grand jury indicts man for violating poultry law while operating illegal slaughterhouse in his Jefferson Hills home” 28 January 2015.

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