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Internet Crimes Attorney Pittsburgh

More and more, internet crimes have become the focus of overly ambitious investigators and prosecutors in Pittsburgh and across Pennsylvania. Many people who are arrested for internet crimes feel hopeless and convinced that they are alone in the criminal justice system. Internet crimes attorney Gary Gerson is there for those people. As a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney who has been practicing in the Pittsburgh region for more than two decades, Attorney Gerson understands that convictions are not easily attainable if reasonable doubt is present. It is, in fact, highly unlikely that those who wish to prosecute the accused will be able to definitively prove who was using the computer at the time the alleged crime occurred, and whether or not the law was even deliberately broken to begin with.

Crimes from Identity Theft to Child Pornography

At the Law Office of Gary E. Gerson, we defend people charged with committing computer-related crimes from child pornography to identify theft, to the release of destructive computer viruses. As your Pittsburgh internet crimes lawyer, Mr. Gerson consults forensic computer experts and investigators to evaluate and challenge the allegations and evidence of prosecutors. We also identify questionable actions on the part of investigators and prosecutors in regard to obtaining and executing search warrants, conducting wiretaps, and recovering computer files from seized hard drives.

Free Initial Consultation

If you’ve been charged in a computer-related crime, contact internet crime attorney Gary E. Gerson today and schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson represents clients charged with committing the following kinds of internet-related crime:

  • Hacking
  • Fraud
  • Release of malicious spyware or destructive viruses
  • Identity theft
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Transmitting child pornography
  • Child pornography
  • Federal Computer Crimes

Federal computer crimes often involve months of investigation on the part of federal authorities. Consequently, federal investigators usually amass a great deal of evidence against the accused before an arrest is made. In non-federal cases, investigators do not always have the resources or manpower to conduct a long lasting, thorough investigation.

In both, however, records and information from internet service providers (ISPs) are usually subpoenaed in order to determine when you were online, for how long, what websites were visited, and what email activity occurred. Additionally, a warrant will be obtained in order to seize your hard drive and conduct an analysis of its contents.

Providing a Strong Defense

In order to convict someone charged with committing an internet crime, the prosecution must prove the person charged actually committed the crime with intent and purpose. In certain situations, however, it may be unclear if the accused was actually responsible for intentionally transmitting a virus, uploading pornography, or hacking into a restricted site. As your defense attorney, Mr. Gerson examines assumptions on the part of prosecutors that involve only circumstantial evidence or contradictory facts.

In cases where guilt is not in question, Mr. Gerson is prepared to negotiate a plea bargain that can often lead to a reduction in charges and sentencing against our clients.

Contact an Experienced Internet Crimes Lawyer Today

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