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Doctor accused of sexual assault by nurse

According to a criminal complaint from a West Penn Hospital nurse, a physician sexually assaulted her in her home after she invited him to stay because he was too intoxicated to drive home. The 63-year-old North Side man is charged with sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, and indecent assault, but has not yet been arrested. According to her criminal complaint that was filed on Tuesday, the doctor invited the woman, a nurse with whom he works, to dinner on 4 September. The woman told police that the doctor offered to drive her home, but that he was too drunk to drive. Because he was too drunk to drive, the woman offered to let him spend the night at her home so he would not have to drive, according to police. When they got to her home, police say the man repeatedly told the woman that she had to sleep with him. The woman claims she refused every time. She told police she went to bed alone, still fully dressed, and fell asleep. According to the police, she woke up to find the man molesting her. She asked him to stop several times and pushed him away. When he finally stopped, the woman says she passed out from a combination of the alcohol and stress. She said that when she woke up, "evidence" showed that the man continued to sexually assault her. The woman told police that the doctor had previously to her he loved her, but that she agreed to continue to be friends with him. Records show no prior criminal charges for the doctor in Pennsylvania. His medical license was issued in the PA in 2006 and last renewed in November 2014.

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