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If you are accused of drunk driving, it is completely natural to feel scared and confused. What is the legal process? How can you combat the charges? What happens from here? The answers to these questions are not always the same — each case is unique to the individual. But there are some common themes in every drunk driving case when it is prosecuted.

The first thing for Pittsburgh residents to remember is not to panic. In those moments after the arrest, invoke your right to remain silent; contact a criminal defense attorney immediately so you can begin to build your case; and down the road, you could have reduced or dismissed charges (or penalties). However, the punishment of a DUI is not merely reserved for the courtroom. While potential jail time, loss of license and an entry into someone’s criminal record are serious matters, sometimes the financial costs of a DUI can be just as crippling to an accused person. After a DUI charge, there are numerous things the accused individual has to pay for. Bail, court fees and fines are just the beginning. The person will have to pay impound fees for his or her vehicle; the individual will then have to take DUI classes, which they have to pay for; and in order to get back out on the road, the accused person has to reinstate his or her license, resulting in another fee.

Finally, your insurance will be alerted to your DUI, sending your rates through the roof. DUIs come at a great personal and financial cost to the accused individual. It is a serious charge that must be met with a vigorous Pittsburgh DUI attorney.

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