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Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Laws

Important changes to Pennsylvania’s drunk driving laws have been made in recent years. Knowing what these laws are and how they apply to the DUI charges you are facing is also important, especially if you want to make sound legal decisions concerning your case. At The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, we help clients in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania to understand Pennsylvania’s DUI laws and penalties and aggressively defends them against all such charges. Essential information about Pennsylvania state law includes:

  • Blood-alcohol content – The legal limit for per se intoxication in Pennsylvania has been reduced from .10 to .08 BAC. Pennsylvania also has a .02 BAC limit for minors and lower BAC limits for drivers of certain types of vehicles.

  • Tiered penalties – There are three BAC categories: .08 to .099 / .10 to .159 / and .16 and above. Penalties for drunk driving in Pennsylvania grow more severe with increased blood-alcohol levels and with each subsequent offense. Pennsylvania also punishes anyone driving under the influence of certain drugs and controlled substances with penalties for the highest level of BAC.

  • Jury trials – Pennsylvania allows for jury trials only on third (or more) DUI offenses and second offenses where the BAC level was measured at .16 or higher.

  • Drivers’ license suspensions – In addition to the criminal charges, people arrested for DUI also face an automatic loss of driving privileges for a minimum of one year if convicted or if they refuse to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test after their arrest.

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