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Serious juvenile crimes can keep your son or daughter from a bright future. If convicted, he or she may have trouble getting into college, finding work, or even finding a place of their own to live. When kids commit crimes, it is best that their parents seek a qualified juvenile crimes attorney to advocate for their children in court or during negotiations. An attorney can be the difference in your child’s future and may save them from a life of turmoil. A boy from Eastern Pennsylvania was arrested last week for receiving sexually explicit images from many other teenage boys. Pocono Mountain Regional police picked the boy up at his parents’ home last Thursday and he is currently placed in a juvenile detention center. The unnamed minor allegedly posed as an of-age woman named Jessica Carabello on the social media network, Facebook. According to authorities, the suspect would become friends with other underage boys online and ask for naked pictures in return for naked pictures of the woman he was simulating. It’s unclear if he knew the boys he was soliciting. Police say the boy was using the pictures he received to blackmail the boys into sending more naked pictures. The suspect told the boys that he would post the photographs online if more weren’t sent. In addition to pictures, other minors were asked to buy gift cards and told to send the card numbers to the fake woman’s account in exchange for naked photographs of the woman. In total, at least forty-eight boys were victims of the soliciting. The suspect is now facing charges of theft by extortion, transmission of sexually explicit images, and soliciting. If you have a son or daughter who has been charged with serious juvenile crimes, or if they are a juvenile being charged as an adult, please call Pittsburgh juvenile crimes attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 .

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