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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Lawyer > Pittsburgh juvenile crimes attorney discusses underage drinking

Pittsburgh juvenile crimes attorney discusses underage drinking

Juvenile crimes in Pennsylvania, such as underage drinking or drug possession can be very serious for teens and people under the age of twenty-one. Sometimes, an arrest can lead to the person not being able to get into college or get federal student aid. This can hinder their efforts to find gainful employment and all but ruin their very young lives as they set out to make someone of themselves. As a father, I always taught my children right from wrong, but I understand that kids and young people make mistakes. I’m here to help in the case that your child has committed juvenile crimes or been arrested for underage drinking or drug possession. Call my firm today with questions. In past years, Heinz Field’s Kenny Chesney concert has been a showcase for national embarrassment, with pictures and videos of fights and piles of garbage being broadcast all over national news stations and in all of the deepest and darkest corners of the internet. This year, however, authorities decided to cut down on tailgating time and react much more stringently to the safety protocols that are demanded when one hundred thousand people file into North Side parking lots with coolers full of booze and their inhibitions left at home. Arrests were way down this year and authorities are thanking the 1 p.m. parking lot open times (compared to 10 a.m. in previous years), dreary weather, and what they hope was a little more self-awareness among people in the tri-state area. Officers do say, however, that at least seventeen minors and one juvenile were arrested for underage drinking. According to police, criminal charges are pending against at least one person. The mayor’s chief operations officer, Guy Costa, told members of the media that Emergency Medical Services responded to at least 170 calls, most of which were alcohol-related. Police also arrested at least ten adults, issued eight adult citations, and one adult summons. Police say they used a Taser on one man who through a chair at them; he was then promptly arrested. According to Heinz Field security, Pittsburgh Police, and the PA Liquor Control Enforcement officers say that they will base future concert procedures will vary on what type music is being played and the “demographic” the performer brings. If you have questions about juvenile crimes or underage drinking, call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson today for a free preliminary consultation at 412-219-6875 today.

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