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Failure to update address after sex crimes additional charges in Pittsburgh

When considering whether or not to hire a private defense attorney when faced with an arrest or criminal charge in Pittsburgh, there are a few more things to consider than just what offense is being charged. What happens if a conviction occurs — whether by way of a plea agreement or trial? Take for example sex crimes. Have you heard of the Sex Offender Registry? Registration requirements vary depending on the offense charged, but it is something that an individual facing a sex offense could have to face well into the future — even after a period of incarceration has ended. Failure to update an address could mean further entanglement with law enforcement. Take the example of one man from Charleroi. His story is not filled with extraordinary or unique circumstances. He was charged and convicted of sex crimes approximately two decades ago, in 1993. As a part of sentencing, a judge ordered that he register as a sex offender. In April of 2011, he crossed state lines. His big mistake was that he did not update his address under the registration requirement. The result was that he was brought in front of a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh and was indicted for a failure to register and update the registration. What are the consequences for this error? He now faces the possibility of serving a 10-year prison sentence, payment of a $250,000 fine or even required to do both. These consequences are certainly not inconsequential. Having an attorney who will utilize not only their passion for the law but their understanding of it to fight for the most favorable outcome possible in a case is an important right to have employed.

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