Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer

An arrest for a serious criminal offense can result in potentially life-changing penalties. Suddenly, the accused faces the very real possibilities of imprisonment, separation from family and loved ones, payment of expensive fines and court costs, and a permanent record of criminal conviction that may result in loss of employment or driving privileges.

If you have been charged with a crime or are the subject of a criminal investigation, you MUST protect your rights by immediately retaining an aggressive, experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney.

The attorney you select should have proven skills in both state and federal courts, and the ability to effectively negotiate with prosecutors or advocate on your behalf at trial before a judge or jury. The attorney's reputation for successful outcomes should be recognized throughout the Western Pennsylvania region.

The Greater Pittsburgh market is well-stocked with generic attorneys who claim to practice criminal and DUI defense, but very few have the talent, tenacity and track record for success of attorney Gary E. Gerson.

At the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, you receive the benefits of Attorney Gerson's quarter-century-plus of criminal trial experience, gift for creative strategies, dedication to your interests and attentive personal service throughout the legal process.  Always a free initial consultation.

Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney With More Than 25 Years Of Experience In Pennsylvania's State And Federal Courts

Attorney Gary E. Gerson will work hard to preserve your freedom, as well as future employment, and educational and financial opportunities. Attorney Gerson can walk you through the ever-changing subtleties and nuances of the criminal justice system, regardless of whether you have been charged with or are the target of an investigation involving felonies, misdemeanors, or summary offenses in either state or federal court, or before Magisterial District Judges in municipal court. Attorney Gerson works closely with all clients to accomplish their goals by developing effective defensive strategies that may include experts in various fields.

Our law firm exists primarily to defend individuals accused of a wide range of crimes, including those involving the Internet, violent assaults, sexual offenses, drug offenses, firearm violations, theft, drunk driving, and white collar crimes. Attorney Gary E. Gerson also provides strong advocacy for individuals who face suspension of driving privileges due to DUI and drug convictions, or failure to pay fines.

If you seek an expungement or pardon to erase a record of the filing of a prior criminal charge that may have a negative impact on your employment, educational, or financial opportunities, Gary E. Gerson is the experienced criminal defense lawyer to contact.

Attorney Gary E. Gerson offers free initial consultations that can be scheduled by telephone at 412-944-2036 or toll free at 866-304-3277. We also welcome email inquiries on our Contact page.