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Pittsburgh Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer

Internet sex crimes, such as downloading child pornography or trying to solicit a minor through a social networking website or chat room, can carry serious, lengthy, and often mandatory jail sentences and can mean years, if not a lifetime of sex offender registration. For these reasons, it is critical to have an experience internet sex crimes lawyer who is skilled at negotiating reductions in charges and who knows the complex Pennsylvania laws related to sex crimes. Contact The Law Office of Gary E. Gerson for a Pittsburgh internet sex crimes lawyer who can help today at 412-219-6875 for a free initial consultation.

Helping People in Pittsburgh and Across Western Pennsylvania

At the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, we represent individuals charged with Internet sex crimes in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania. The severe consequences of being convicted of a sex crime make it critical to have an attorney advocating for the preservation of your rights during any legal proceedings related to sex-related criminal charges. Our internet sex crimes lawyer has defended people accused of possession of child pornography,downloading child pornography, distributing child pornography, transmitting child pornography, luring of a child or on-line solicitation of a minor.

“Revenge porn” to fall under internet crimes laws

It is a new type of Internet crime that is spreading rapidly throughout the nation and affecting untold numbers of households. It’s called “revenge porn,” a term that describes a growing number of explicit images that are being transmitted over the Web without peoples’ consent. These images are often posted by ex-lovers and partners who are spiteful after a breakup, but the pictures can also be picked up by web sites with a “revenge porn” themes. To combat this, Pennsylvania has boosted legal protection for those people, many of whom are young women, thanks to the introduction of new internet crimes legislation.

Official reports show that the legislation is designed to amend an existing harassment law, making it illegal to publish sexually explicit images of others without their consent, so long as the crime involves an intent to “harass, annoy or alarm.” The measure would raise the “revenge porn” crime to the status of a second-degree misdemeanor; most other harassment charges carry less-severe penalties. Those convicted in such Internet crime cases could face a two-year jail term and thousands in criminal fines. So far, there are only a few states that have actually criminalized such behavior, pornography capital California being the most notable, but the trend of most other states is likely to follow. Advocates say that additional legislation is required to protect victims who cannot find relief under other harassment and cyberstalking laws. In many cases, those charges require evidence of a pattern of behavior, not a single image post. Those who would oppose the measure say they are concerned about the impact that such a law could have on First Amendment rights throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Residents who are accused of “revenge porn” Internet crime may not currently be subject to criminal consequences because of their alleged behavior. This could change in the coming months, however, as state legislators consider the aforementioned measure.

Defendants may consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer to learn more about how this legislation could potentially change the outcome of their Internet crime case.

Successful Child Pornography Defenses

Although prosecutors will often have “hard evidence,” usually in the form of computer hard drives-there may still be ways to effectively defend you against child pornography charges. The fact is that there are many ways incriminating pornography can make it on to a computer. Pittsburgh criminal lawyer Gary E. Gerson will carefully evaluate all of the possible defenses in your case, including the constitutional issue of your rights against illegal search and seizure.

Accused of an internet sex crime? Free Consultation.

Talk to an experienced Pittsburgh internet sex crimes lawyer about the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against you. Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, today and schedule a free initial consultation at 412-219-6875. Criminal defense help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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