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Pittsburgh Governor’s Pardon Lawyer

Is an old felony or misdemeanor criminal conviction in Pennsylvania having a negative impact on your employment, financial or educational opportunities? Do you wish you could erase the old conviction from your criminal record? In Pennsylvania, the only way to do this is through an Application for Clemency, or what is frequently referred to as a “Governor’s Pardon.” The process is detailed and time-consuming, but for many individuals it is ultimately worthwhile. An experienced Pittsburgh governor’s pardon lawyer can handle your clemency application from start to finish. At The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, Pittsburgh governor’s pardon lawyer Gary E. Gerson handles significant numbers of governor’s pardon applications. We represent Pennsylvania residents with Pennsylvania convictions and we represent residents of other states who have old Pennsylvania convictions on their records. Find out more about how we can help with your governor’s pardon application. Contact us online or call our office at 412-219-6875.

How Do You Get a Governor’s Pardon in Pennsylvania?

The process of asking the governor to pardon a conviction in Pittsburgh or across Pennsylvania begins with the filing of an Application for Clemency with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons. The Board makes the initial determination as to whether your application qualifies for a hearing, and considers such factors as: the age of the applicant, the nature of the offense of conviction, the year of conviction, marital and employment status, efforts at rehabilitation, subsequent involvement in the criminal justice system, and community service. Typically, the Governor approves pardon recommendations within approximately six months of submission by the Board. Once the pardon is issued, a Petition to Expunge Records of Criminal Proceedings must be filed in the Court of Common Pleas of the county of conviction. Generally, the process takes approximately three (3) years to complete.

Get Help Clearing Your Criminal Record From a Pittsburgh Governor’s Pardon Lawyer

The governor’s pardon process is long and full of bureaucratic details. At The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, we handle these details for our clients, keeping them well-informed as their petitions progress through the system. Contact us online or call our office at 412-219-6875.

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