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Pittsburgh Expungement Lawyer

Experienced Representation For Expungements Of Previous Criminal Charges

If you are arrested and convicted on criminal charges, the effects you endure most often last well beyond your sentence. You are likely to lose out on employment opportunities, on certain types of loans or professional licenses and the opportunity to purchase a home. You may even be unable to join certain organizations or coach your kid’s little league team.

Once getting through the arrest and charges is an afterthought, the lingering effects of a conviction almost always come back to haunt the convicted, contact our experienced Pittsburgh expungement lawyer today.

Want To Erase A Prior Criminal Charge? Pittsburgh Expungements Lawyer Gary E. Gerson Can Help.

At the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, we help people in the Pittsburgh area and throughout Western Pennsylvania to clean the slate and move forward with their lives, free from the burden of having a criminal record.

In Pennsylvania, criminal proceedings that involve misdemeanors and felony charges can be expunged for several reasons. If you were not convicted, if the charges were dismissed or if you have successfully completed a rehabilitation program, such as ARD, you have a chance at having your crime expunged.

If you have been convicted of a crime and have exhausted all other possibilities, you may be able to seek a Governor’s Pardon, although there are restrictions on who may apply and only a few pardons are granted each year.

Western Pennsylvania is full of defense lawyers who place revenue over results. Attorney Gary E. Gerson cares about his clients and tirelessly works to secure successful results for those in need. At Mr. Gerson’s law firm, you’re not a number; you are a person who made a mistake and needs help. He is here to help and make the process as painless as possible.

Are you seeking a fresh start in life, free of a haunting episode from your past? For a free initial consultation with a Pittsburgh expungements attorney who cares about your future, call today. Phones are answered around the clock. Reach us at 412-219-6875 in Pittsburgh or toll free at 866-791-3969, or by email.

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