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Pittsburgh Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Pittsburgh juvenile crime lawyer Gary E. Gerson is an advocate for teens and children who are arrested and charged with both misdemeanors and felonies. Because persons under the age of 18 are generally treated different from the adult population and catalogues them as a “delinquent” instead of a criminal, it is extremely important that your child’s crime stays in the juvenile system, so that his or her adult record is without blemishes upon their eighteenth birthday. Attorney Gerson is familiar with ill-fated minors who are charged as adults because he has studied their cases and the failing of their lawyers in the past. As a product of the adult criminal justice system before they are even old enough to vote, many of these children feel hopeless, unable to find gainful employment, and turn back to a life of crime. Attorney Gerson’s goal is that young clients learn from their mistakes and move forward on to a bright future. If your child has been arrested and you fear that he or she may be tried as an adult, please contact our Pittsburgh juvenile crimes attorney at 412-219-6875 for a free initial consultation.

Children Can Be Charged As An Adult

Teens can be charged with nearly any crime as an adult. That means that persons under the age of 18 who commit acts of aggravated assault, sexual assault, weapons crimes, and drug crimes can be charged as if they were fully functioning adults. But Juvenile Offense Attorney Gerson will tirelessly work to ensure that does not happen. If your child is facing the possibility of being tried as an adult, Attorney Gerson will pursue decertification, a process wherein he would petition the court to have a minor who is initially charged as an adult to be arbitrated by the juvenile justice system. Upon success, your child will likely have the opportunity to attend some type of rehabilitation program in an effort to work on personal issues instead of falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is the criminal justice system.

Focused On The Best Interest Of Juveniles

Attorney Gerson is focused on the long-term interests of your son or daughter. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove the child from a home with an abusive parent or guardian. Other circumstances call for Mr. Gerson to negotiate with and convince school administrators to allow the child to finish school so long as no more infractions are committed. Pittsburgh juvenile crimes attorney Gerson can also request placement, probation, community service and involvement, and restrictions from sports teams and other after-school undertakings.

Free Initial Consultation With an Experienced Pittsburgh Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Often times, the most difficult part of having your child arrested for a crime is how the police deal with the situation. Police officers think they can easily manipulate children into confessing. This can lead to confusion and fear and situations where the minor actually confesses to crimes they did not commit. There are laws that protect your child’s civil rights and juvenile crimes attorney Gerson’s goal is to make sure those rights were upheld. In addition, Mr. Gerson will ensure your child’s holding conditions are well met and that your child receives a timely trial. Ultimately, Attorney Gerson wants your child’s juvenile record sealed and stored and, if at all possible, he wants the crime to be expunged from your child’s record for good. If you have any questions about juvenile law or if your child has been arrested and you are not sure what to do, please contact The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson today at 412-219-6875 for a free preliminary consultation.

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