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DNA testing for convicted felons over the last two decades has been extremely important to both convict the guilty and to have the innocent liberated. In my experience as a Western Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, I have seen the need for DNA testing skyrocket in this time. And with only three labs in the entire state–Pittsburgh, Philly, and everyone else–the scientists that run these tests have found themselves very busy. What I have found is that the desperate need for DNA testing is certain cases has led to unfortunate circumstances the innocent person who is not yet proven guilty, the community who may still harbor the guilty, and the families of victims who want answers. Over the last couple years, these DNA testing labs have seen an increase in staffing to cut away at backed cases; however, their progress may be hindered once again if a new bill is passed that will require anyone charged with a serious crime to have their DNA tested. Currently, only convicted felons must have DNA testing done. If the new bill passes, the stress on DNA labs to have this work done in a reasonable time will increase by 400%. As you might think, this will likely have an adverse effect on the criminal justice system and may be overall ineffective because cases that should be highly regarded get lost in the shuffle of other less serious ones. If you have questions about DNA testing or think you have been charged with a crime where DNA evidence may be used against you, please call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 .

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