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Pittsburgh Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft usually involves credit card fraud and internet crime involving banking activity and online purchases. For this reason, investigators often try and link someone arrested for identity theft to other crimes they may not be guilty of. At The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson, we intervene immediately into an investigation against our client in order to reduce the likelihood he or she will be implicated in additional crimes involving identity theft and fraud.Working with forensic computer experts and investigators, Mr. Gerson identifies the best means for challenging the evidence introduced by prosecutors against our client. Prosecutors may introduce surveillance video footage of someone using a credit card obtained under someone else’s name. In many cases, however, the footage is grainy or unclear, making it hard to tell who is using the credit card.We have the resources and knowledge needed to defend those charged in identity theft cases. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, contact Pittsburgh identity theft lawyer Gary E. Gerson today. The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson represents people charged with committing the following kinds of crimes:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail order fraud
  • Stealing banking passwords
  • Using someone else’s Social Security number

Proving Intent In Identity Theft Cases

Even if the evidence clearly indicates you used someone else’s credit card or Social Security number, the prosecution must prove you did so with criminal intent. While you might be guilty of a lesser charge related to theft or gross misdemeanor, the evidence may not be enough to convict you of a more serious crime related to identity theft or fraud.

Since the prosecution is interested in convicting you, they focus on information that spins facts in their favor. The prosecution will not explain extenuating circumstances nor go out of their way to investigate exculpatory evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s version of events. As your defense attorney, Mr. Gerson presents facts and evidence ignored by the prosecution, making jurors aware of information that raises doubt in regard to the reliability of the prosecution’s allegations.

Free Case Evaluation From an Experienced Pittsburgh Identity Theft Lawyer

Don’t assume you don’t have any options available to you. In many cases, even when guilt is not in question, negotiating with prosecutors can result in a reduction of charges or sentencing. If you have been arrested on charges of identity theft, contact identity theft attorney Gary E. Gerson today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case at 412-219-6875.

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