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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > Pittsburgh Possession With Intent to Deliver Lawyer

Pittsburgh Possession With Intent to Deliver Lawyer

Were You Arrested For Possession With Intent To Deliver Drugs In Western Pennsylvania?

A criminal arrest for drug crimes such as “possession with intent to deliver” can wind up putting you behind bars for many years, draining your finances with fines and branding you as a dangerous felon in your community. If you are awaiting trial for possessing drugs with the intent to deliver — meaning to sell, distribute, transport or manufacture a controlled substance — you need an experienced, skilled Pittsburgh possession with intent to deliver lawyer in your corner. And you need him now.

In Greater Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania, that aggressive advocate for your interests is attorney Gary E. Gerson of the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson.

Attorney Gerson works hard to help you avoid harsh punishments like these, if convicted of possession with intent to deliver: When an opiate or chemical synthesis is involved, you are looking at a felony charge, up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. For PCP, meth or cocaine, penalties amount to 10 years and a $100,000 fine.

In addition to this client commitment during every stage of the legal process, you receive attentive personal service, answers to your questions and frequent updates on the status of your case. When your work with Mr. Gerson has concluded, you will know that your rights have been thoroughly protected.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience — PWID Defense Lawyer Gary E. Gerson Fights For You!

According to the Pennsylvania Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device and Cosmetic Act, factors that will determine your prosecution include attempted transfer of a drug, weight of the drug or drugs involved, their packaging, your location and behavior at the time of your arrest, and any equipment or money that may have been nearby.

Prosecutors will do whatever they can to escalate simple drug possession charges against you. Therefore, you need the same brand of aggressive, focused defense representation in your corner if your interests are to be properly safeguarded. Gary E. Gerson exposes every flaw in the government’s case against you, to give you every chance of a charge being reduced or dismissed outright.

Were you the victim of a warrantless search of your person, home or motor vehicle by authorities? Was a confession coerced by law enforcement? Did your drug charges originate with a DUI traffic stop?

Contact the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson. Our phones are answered seven days a week — 412-219-6875. We offer a free confidential consultation in the privacy of your home or at our office.

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