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Criminal defense for institutional sex crimes

According to court documents filed yesterday, a prison guard from Allegheny County Jail engaged in sexual contact with two female inmates over the course of several months this past year. The 34-year-old prison guard is charged with institutional sexual assault in two separate cases, according to court records. The charges were filed today by the Allegheny County police, and the man was arrested this morning when he arrived at the jail for work. According to the criminal complaint, both women were what is known as pod workers, which gave them the benefits of single cells and additional time outside the cells. The first woman told police that the suspect assigned her as a pod worker. After assigning her the work, he went to her cell and told her she “better be naked in her cell the next morning,” according to the complaint. The inmate told police that the suspect began coming into her cell regularly and kissing her, eventually having her perform oral sex on him, according to the police report. The inmate said that the suspect attempted to perform oral sex on her, but she was able to stop him. The prison guard allegedly told the woman that he was unhappy in his marriage and wanted to continue contact with the inmate once she was released from prison, according to the police report. He helped her pack her belongings when she was released in July, and the two corresponded through email. Police say the second inmate was friends with the first and that they confided in one another about the sexual abuse. The second woman told police that she allowed the guard into her cell to kiss her, saying that this went on from February 2015 until her release in April 2015. The two also allegedly passed explicit notes. The suspect also reportedly continued to communicate with the second woman through email after she was released. It is reported that they met for sex on multiple occasions after her release. Institutional sexual assault, which is a third-degree felony in Pennsylvania, criminalizes sexual contact between correctional employees and inmates. An Allegheny County spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing. If you have been arrested for sex crimes, it is important that you secure experienced legal counsel to protect your rights. If you have questions about sex crimes in Pennsylvania, please call Pittsburgh sex crimes attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875. Source: TribLive.com, “Allegheny County Jail guard charged with sexual assault of female inmates” 2 December 2015

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