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Monthly Archives: December 2023


Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity: Be Careful What You Wish For

By Gary E. Gerson |

Affirmative defenses are one way of casting doubt on the prosecution’s allegations against you.  When you use an affirmative defense, you are saying that your actions do not fit the definition of the criminal offense being charged, but that this is because of extenuating circumstances, not because you did not commit the act that… Read More »

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What Happens If You Are From Out Of State, But You Get Caught With Illegal Drugs In Pennsylvania?

By Gary E. Gerson |

Some events are worth traveling lost distances to attend, and many of these events are several orders of magnitude less fun when you are sober.  Without the booze, Mardi Gras in New Orleans would just mean watching high school marching bands perform while socialites wave from glitzy parade floats.  Imagine Woodstock without the drugs. … Read More »

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Can You Get Criminal Charges For Intentionally Causing A Freak Accident?

By Gary E. Gerson |

Florida is the state that people tend to associate the most with freak accidents and freakish occurrences; introduced species from virtually all hot, humid corners of the earth flourish in Florida’s waterways and stroll across its roads.  In Florida, you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning or bitten by an alligator… Read More »

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Enter Wonk, A New Trend Involving A Not Especially New Drug

By Gary E. Gerson |

Ketamine is a schedule III controlled substance, which means that it has legally accepted uses in medicine but also carries considerable potential for abuse; other pharmaceutical drugs in this category include anabolic steroids, suboxone (a combination of an opioid and naloxone, used to treat opioid use disorder), and some stimulants used as treatments for… Read More »

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