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Category Archives: Weapons Charges


Harrisburg Resident Faces Criminal Charges For Threatening Parishioners During Church Service

By Gary E. Gerson |

In Pennsylvania, as in many other states, there are plenty of ways to break the law that involve guns but do not involve shooting.  It is a crime to use a gun to threaten someone; depending on the circumstances, this could lead to charges of assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, or possession… Read More »

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Bad Idea: Speeding Past A Police Car In A Snowstorm With An Expired Concealed Weapons Permit

By Gary E. Gerson |

Common sense says that you should always be careful because you never know who has a concealed weapon.  Meanwhile, as long as you have a concealed weapons permit, you have the right to carry a weapon with you to most places, and most of the time, people will be none the wiser.  In fact,… Read More »

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