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5 facing drug crimes allegations for February death

Five people from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, are facing serious drug charges after their actions allegedly led to the death of a local 21-yar-old man. The defendants, between the ages of 19 and 48, were arrested and arraigned in the state capitol on March 26. Those defendants, one woman and four men, had been indicted for the drug crimes in mid-March, according to official reports. They are accused of drug trafficking in connection with the Feb. 7 death of the victim, who died from a heroin overdose. Authorities say that three of the defendants could face mandatory minimum sentences of 20 years, though they could conceivably receive life in prison. Those three people are facing criminal charges directly related to the victim’s death. Two others face a statutory maximum of four decades in connection with their crimes. They are implicated only in the drug trafficking scheme, not in the death of the victim. Official reports show that officers in Pennsylvania have cracked down on drug enforcement in the area, primarily because heroin has caused several deaths in recent years. In fact, between 2009 and the middle of 2013, Franklin County alone suffered five heroin-related overdose deaths. Cumberland County experienced 25 such deaths. Officers say that those numbers are due to the fact that heroin is readily available and more potent than it had been in recent years. Criminal defendants who are facing drug trafficking charges could be affected by the long-term consequences of these allegations. In this case, three people in the operation could be sentenced to life in prison. A criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania may be able to assist defendants who are accused of such serious crimes. These professionals can provide additional information and guidance that can be useful throughout a criminal trial and other related proceedings. Source:  Public Opinion, “Shippensburg area residents charged in heroin death, drug trafficking” 26 March 2014

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