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Credit card fraud ring busted

A Nevada woman living here in Pennsylvania would have kept herself out of jail had she remembered the birthday on fake identification card. And the 34-year-old Haverton, PA man who ran the counterfeit credit card scam with which she was involved wouldn’t be in jail either. It has now been found that the man has allegedly been running a counterfeit credit card ring that nearly spanned the entire state of Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. The woman was arrested for the fake ID back in March at a Citizens Bank in North Fayette as she was attempting to secure $1500 on a fake credit card. When she was arrested, she admitted to police about her involvement with the male suspect and his fraud operation. The investigation ultimately led to the woman’s arrests, as well as charges against the male suspect and a 21-year-old woman from Chicago who remains at large. Police say that the man received credit card information from an unknown source and made fake credit cards and drivers’ licenses. The suspects would then take the fake IDs and attempt to secure cash advances that generally ranged from about $1000 to $1500. Police say they ran the scan at several banks in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and throughout Allegheny County. In addition to scamming banks, police say the suspects admitted to renting cars, booking rooms, and making various purchases in their journeys. Through diligent work and a lot of time looking at phone records, receipts, tax records, and surveillance videos, the Attorney General was able to confirm the fraud. According to the suspects, the women involved would do the footwork and would then keep 30% of the money, giving the rest to the male suspect. Unfortunately for the male suspect, he was found to have reported earning more than $118,000 last year, but had no demonstrable source of income. His preliminary hearing is set for 3 November in front of M.D.J. Anthony Saveikis. If you have questions about white collar crimes and crimes involving fraud, call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson at 412-219-6875.Source: TribLive.com, “Counterfeit credit card ring falls for failure to remember birth date on fake ID” 24 October 2014

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