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Criminal defense: What is probation violation?

If someone is convicted of a crime, in almost all circumstances, probation is set as a part of sentencing in lieu of, or in addition to, any fines, community service, and time spent in jail. Generally, probation is considered a second chance; however, it does comes with rather strict guidelines that must be followed. Terms of probation usually means no more run-ins with the law, as well as other stipulations, such as holding down gainful employment, attending alcohol/drug rehabilitation classes or meetings, or executing a predetermined amount of community service hours. You are also usually assigned a probation officer who you may likely have to report to upon scheduled times or during surprise visits. Violating these requisites means that you may have to secure a criminal defense attorney to keep you out of further trouble. Other terms of probation generally consist of refraining from the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as willingly submitting to urine tests. Sometimes, a person on probation is forbade from leaving Pennsylvania unless for work. When people violate their probation for any reason, they may end up finding themselves paying more fines, having their probation period extended, or behind bars. Sure, some people blatantly disregard the terms of their probation, but, a lot of the time, probation infringements are an accident. Of course, not violating your probation is the best way to stay out of further trouble, but if you do violate probation or forget to meet with your probation officer, you will likely need an attorney to advocate for you if you plan on appealing the infraction. Common ways that most people end up violating their probation include being arrested while on probation or failing to show up to a meeting with a probation officer. Other violations include getting caught with drugs or alcohol in your system upon review of the results of a urine analysis. You may also be considered in violation of your probation if you lose your job, fail to show up for community service, don’t pay your fines, leave the state, or move without notifying the proper authorities of your change of address. As previously mentioned, some people are in violation of their probation and don’t even know it. Then they are pulled over for a minor traffic violation and find that there is a bench warrant out for their arrest. Regardless of your reason for probation violation, the penalties will likely be severe and could be life-altering, depending on the circumstances. If you have violated your probation, or if you’re not sure and simply have questions, please contact The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson for a free consultation. Don’t end up in jail and risk losing your home, your job, and even your family. Call Attorney Gerson today with your probation violation questions at 800-255-7197 or 412-219-6875.

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