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Former police chief sentenced for white collar crimes, corruption

Being arrested for white collar crimes like corruption, especially if you were once in a position of power, can be a denigrating time in a person’s life. Feelings of depression and guilt can cloud a suspect’s judgment as he or she moves forward with the legal process. These types of white collar crimes, however, can be fixed or mended with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Remember, it may take some time to get your life back on track, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over. A former police chief from East Washington Borough in Washington, PA will spend at least seven years and three months – 87 months total – in jail for approving personal protection and arms for possible drug dealing suspects, according to a federal judge on Wednesday morning. The man, 58-year-old Donald Solomon, pleaded guilty two years ago in January 2013 to three charges all related to the violation of public corruption laws. According to court reports, Solomon admitted to taking at least $7800 and police Tasers in an effort to provide protection for suspects who he thought were moving cocaine through East Washington. The suspects turned out to be federal agents. United States District Judge Joy Flowers Conti sentenced Solomon to 135 months (11 years, 3 months) in jail in June 2013; however, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the original sentence on a technicality. Based on the Appeals Court ruling and another unrelated change in federally mandated sentencing guidelines that deal with drug crimes, the new recommended sentence for Solomon came down to between 85 and 108 months in jail. The judge says she was lenient in her sentencing because Solomon served his community as a paramedic and police chief for thirty-eight years. She told Solomon, “I can see that you are a good person and you are doing all the right things,” referencing the efforts he has made to better himself since his arrest. The former police chief apologized to the court, to law enforcement officials, to his community, and his family. He also pleaded with Judge Conti to give him as few years in jail as possible so that he could start his life anew. If you have been arrested for white collar crimes, call Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer Gary Gerson for a free preliminary consultation at 412-496-8700 today. Source: TribLive.com, “Ex E. Washington police chief sentenced on corruption charges” 14 January 2015

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