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Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney for theft around the holidays

Being arrested for shoplifting can result in a felony on your permanent record, restitution payments, jail time, and probation, depending on what you have been accused of stealing and its worth. If you have been accused of stealing and there is video evidence, it can be extremely hard to defend yourself; however, there are instances where folks accidentally leave the store without paying for something, or where their young children will place something into a bag or purse without the parents knowing. If you have been accused of shoplifting, contact the Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson today for a free consultation. Two women are being accused of shoplifting along McKnight Road on Monday, according to police. Upon leaving, they were followed by a store security guard. When the driver saw the guard, police say she panicked and backed up quickly, accidentally striking a stroller with two children in it. Luckily, neither the children nor the mother were injured during the accident. Police were called to Kohl’s Department Store on late Monday afternoon after the store reported that two females in their twenties were stealing clothes from the store, according to a Ross policeman. When the security officer pursued the two women into the parking lot, they got into an older model white Ford car. As the guard was standing behind the car and ordered the suspect to stop, she backed up toward him. The security person banged on the window, continually ordering the suspect to stop, but she continued backing up and eventually hit the stroller. Police have not yet said what she’ll be charged with if caught. If you have been arrested for theft or other serious crimes, call Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson today for a free consultation at 412-219-6875. Source: TribLive.com, “Kids unharmed as alleged shoplifters’ car hits stroller in Ross” 7 December 2015

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