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White collar crime: accountant charged with tax evasion

White collar crime like tax evasion can devastate a company’s reputation and seriously hurt the entire enterprise. In addition, if forensic accountants are able to pinpoint the error and find that it was being made on purpose to embezzle money or commit any type of fraud, the guilty party or parties can be looking at years of prison and massive fines. Tax fraud is a white collar crime that may seem victimless; however, the federal government and the Internal Revenue Service would highly disagree. The Pennsylvania- and New Jersey-based restaurant, Nifty-Fifty’s, which is a 1950’s-style diner with four different locations in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, recently had one of its accountants indicted for fraud and embezzlement. Authorities say that the criminal activity has been taking places over last several years. According to investigators, the accountant applied for a mortgage using a fake W-2 and other tax return documents in 2008. Police say he was able to use his position at the company to get these forged documents. In addition, the accountant is accused of being in cahoots with the restaurant chain’s owner and advising him during a scheme that allowed the owner to avoid paying taxes, both personal and business. The suspect, who has been with the company nearly thirty years, is being charged with conspiring to commit tax fraud with a business owner, recording false financial transactions, and loan fraud, among other things. Prosecutors on the case believe that the man hid nearly $16 million in revenue over the last twenty-eight years from the IRS. It’s important to understand that white collar crimes such as tax evasion and tax fraud are often associated with a number of harsh penalties, such as maximum fines and time in federal prison. If you have made a similar mistake or are the family member of someone who is accused of tax fraud or tax evasion, call the Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer Gary E. Gerson. Attorney Gerson has been helping people throughout western Pennsylvania who have been charged with white collar crimes for more than twenty-five years. Call 412-219-6875 today for a free preliminary consultation.

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