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Monthly Archives: November 2018


Pleading Guilty Can Lead to a Reduced Sentence, Even for Very Serious Crimes

By Gary E. Gerson |

In the state courts of Pennsylvania, an overwhelming majority of criminal cases are resolved by negotiated plea agreement; and, in federal courts nationwide, only 3% of cases go to trial. There are many reasons why an accused would chose to avoid trial, including inability to pay for private counsel. Once of the main reasons… Read More »

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Allison Park Doctor Charged with Fraud for Writing Unlawful Prescriptions for Opioids

By Gary E. Gerson |

The current opioid abuse epidemic has changed the public conversation about drug abuse and addiction. In the past, public opinion often attached blame on addicts for their drug-related problems or, alternatively, created an image of predatory drug dealers attempting to get young people “hooked on” drugs for financial gain. However, the focus of the… Read More »

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Pennsylvania Courts Decide on a Case by Case Basis Whether to Try Teens Charged with Violent Crimes as Adults

By Gary E. Gerson |

Most teenagers are physically and emotionally immature; consequently, they commit foolish and sometimes criminal acts that they may have cause to regret. For that reason, and with a few clearly defined exceptions, including felonies associated with extremely violent crimes, firearms violations, drug trafficking or sex offenses, it is the underlying policy of the criminal… Read More »

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