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Monthly Archives: October 2023


Westmoreland County Home Contractor Faces Prison Sentence For Defrauding Customers

By Gary E. Gerson |

Now that the fall is ending and the children are back to school, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have to sit through any more barbecues on people’s backyard decks until next summer.  If the party hosts have an in-ground pool, the situation is both better and worse; it… Read More »

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You Can Be Convicted Of Child Endangerment Even If The Children Did Not Get Hurt

By Gary E. Gerson |

When your family members accuse you of child endangerment, there is usually less evidence to persuade a jury that you are guilty of endangering the welfare of children and more evidence that your relatives should butt out of your business.  Despite what your ex-wife might think, letting your children swim in your above ground… Read More »

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Casino Employee Faces Charges For Stealing Money From Cash Register

By Gary E. Gerson |

Many people who are recovering from an addiction can tell you that they knew things were getting bad because they got arrested for drunk or drugged driving, drug possession, or a low-level financial crime such as theft.  What happens after such an event depends less on the nature of the crime and more on… Read More »

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Bucks County Woman Convicted Of Financial Crimes For Financial Abuse Of Elderly Father

By Gary E. Gerson |

Elderly people are among the most vulnerable when it comes to fraud and financial scams.  The stereotype of financial abuse of the elderly is a lonely senior who has no family members living in town and who responds to a friendly email from a stranger.  The new friend sends frequent correspondence, complaining of financial… Read More »

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