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Beaver man admits to mail fraud

Western Pennsylvania White Collar Crimes Attorney White collar crimes such as embezzlement and mail fraud usually go hand in hand and can land a person in prison for a very long time. Many people who commit embezzlement—stealing or misappropriating money that is entrusted to you—generally start off taking small amounts of money, and as it becomes seemingly easier to take more and more, that individual is eventually arrested for stealing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Someone who is embezzling money is generally not a “criminal” in the sense of the word we most closely relate, but it is a serious crime that can put a place of business into financial ruin a destroy an owner’s capital in the process. Beaver man embezzles close to $360,000 This past Monday, a Beaver County man admitted to stealing more than $350,000 from his ex-employer, Matthews International Corporation. The man was able to take the money by making fake invoices for a made-up company he created for the sole purpose of embezzling money. He pleaded guilty to mail fraud in front of Senior United States District Judge Gustave Diamond. The judge set a sentencing hearing for 14 January 2015.The man was employed by Matthews International Corp. in 2007 as a traffic manager. At that time, he was also tasked with approving and auditing invoices. At that time, it is believed he created a false business called Alltrans Logistics in his and his wife’s names. In 2010, federal prosecutors say the man set up a P.O. Box in Wheeling, West Virginia and used the P.O. Box as the Alltrans address. He also created two separate bank accounts under Alltrans Logistics. The man used his position at Matthews International to add Alltrans Logistics to Matthews’ bill of vendors. Over time, he submitted at least 126 fake invoices and deposited at least eighty checks into his bogus Alltrans Logistics account for personal use.When the man was fired in 2013, the scheme ultimately came to light and he was eventually indicted in February 2014. He will be held until his sentencing in January. Free Consultation – 412-219-6875 If you have been arrested for mail fraud or embezzlement, or if you have questions about other white collar crimes, call Pittsburgh white collar crimes attorney Gary E. Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free consultation. Source: Post-Gazette.com, “Beaver County man pleads guilty to stealing nearly $360,000 from company” 16 September 2014

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