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Texas teen busted with marijuana brownies eludes life sentence

Pittsburgh Drug Crimes Attorney As a Pittsburgh drug crimes defense attorney, I get a lot of questions about marijuana possession and distribution. Last school year, when a boy from Seneca Valley was busted for selling marijuana-induced brownies, I had several emails from parents and young adults asking me about the laws surrounding marijuana and other similar synthetic drugs like K2. Life in jail for “pot brownies?” I recently read a story about a Texas teen who facing life in prison for making marijuana or “pot” brownies. With the proper representation, the young man was able to see those charges reduced and his sentence will be much less than the life term in prison he initially faced. The initial charges against the boy included a first degree felony that carried with it ten years to life in jail. The charges have been reduced to possession of marijuana and hash oil. This is still a serious charge, but the prison time goes from ten to life to a much more fitting two to twenty years. It is believed that once he is prosecuted he will not see much more than the minimum two years with good behavior. In April, the teen’s pregnant neighbor called local police after she began smelling the strong odor or marijuana coming from next door. When police entered the boy’s apartment they reportedly found marijuana, hash oil, and marijuana-laced brownies that also contained hash oil. Police say that the brownies were individually wrapped, leading them to believe that the suspect intended on selling them. In Texas, as well as in Pennsylvania, concentrated marijuana like hash oil carries with it much harsher penalties than marijuana buds or “flowers.” The law says that in the case of concentrated marijuana, the weight of whatever the drug is in can be added to the weight of the drug. Therefore, if you have three pounds of marijuana brownies, you technically are in possession of pounds of marijuana—a serious federal offense. Free Consultation – 412-219-6875 If you have questions about marijuana laws or you have been arrested for concentrated marijuana cooked into a drink or food, call Pittsburgh drug crimes defense attorney Gary E. Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free consultation.

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