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Dance instructor charged with sex crimes

Being charged with sex crimes like solicitation or unlawful contact with a minor is very serious and a conviction, even if pleaded down, will result in a lifetime of embarrassment, ridicule, and shame; not to mention registry on the sex offender list and having to mark down on every job and renter’s application that the person is a registered sex offender. Many time, these types of cases are blown out of proportion because something is taken out of context or parents act without first getting to the bottom of a situation. In these cases, it is imperative that the accused retain a quality sex crimes defense attorney to ensure fair negotiations and/or a trial if it should ever come to pass. A young man at a Braddock Hills charter school was fired after he was accused of sending sexually explicit messages to one of his 13-year-old students. Propel Braddock Hills Middle School fired the 22-year-old dance teacher shortly after his arrest in December. The man is being charged with corruption of a minor, criminal solicitation, and unlawful contact with a minor. He is currently free, awaiting a 26 February court date. Investigators say that the dance teacher talked about other text messages, telephone calls, and sexually explicit pictures in his messages. Police also say that the man in question warned the 13-year-old not to tell anyone else that the two of them had communication of any type outside of school The accused worked for Propel Braddock Hills Middle School through Pittsburgh Musical Theater. It has been confirmed that he passed a background check before beginning work at Propel. Propel said it washed its hands of the accused shortly after it learned of his arrest in December. If you have questions about sex crimes or other crimes involving minors, please contact Pittsburgh sex crimes defense attorney Gary Gerson for a free preliminary consultation at 412-219-6875 today. Source:, “Braddock Hills dance instructor sent student, 13, sexual texts” 5 February 2015

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