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Doctor facing sex crimes charges

A Pennsylvania physician is facing sexual assault charges after he allegedly accosted two of his female patients. The man, a 59-year-old doctor from Fox Chapel, had been facing allegations from four women, but two of the supposed victims withdrew their claims. Defense attorneys are thus attempting to discredit the other two women, who may have nefarious motives in entering the allegations. One woman told the court that she was in treatment for scoliosis from the physician. He was accused of asking the woman whether he could kiss her. On a separate occasion, the doctor rubbed her back inappropriately and made it obvious to the woman that he was sexually aroused. The alleged victim in this case said she did not find another doctor because she was afraid of the pain that would result if she could not get her medication from that physician. Charges were withdrawn in that case. The claims of one other plaintiff were dismissed by a judge, according to news reports. The two women whose charges remain pending allege that the man put his hands down their pants during exams and also rubbed up against them during a state of sexual arousal. One of the women said she has been seeing the doctor for several years in connection with chronic conditions such as pancreatitis, asthma and anxiety. The women’s testimony has led to the physician being charged with indecent assault and harassment. In this case, since two of the women’s claims have been discredited, it is possible that the other two will withdraw their allegations. Sexual harassment and assault cases are particularly difficult to decide, largely because of the “he said, she said,” nature of the crime. In such cases, defendants benefit from the abilities of skilled attorneys, who are best able to argue that the allegations do not have merit. Source:  www.post-gazette.com, “Doctor to be tried on 2 indecency charges; 2 others are dismissed” Liz Navratil, Sep. 30, 2013

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