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Drug crimes and DUI in Pittsburgh

Steelers arrested for marijuana possession

As a Pittsburgh drug crimes lawyer, when local celebrities and sports stars are arrested for drug possession, I’m intrigued by their stories. As you all have probably heard, two of the Steelers’ more prominent players were arrested for drug possession during a traffic stop when a motorcycle-mounted police officer said he smelled marijuana smoke coming from a Camaro on McKnight Road in Ross Township. In addition to the two players, one driving and one in the front passenger seat, the men were also accompanied by a woman. Upon arrest, the driver was taken to the station and tested for DUI. As I’ve been reading comments in news stories and on social media, many people assumed that the driver must have also been drunk since reports said he was getting tested for DUI. However, most people fail to realize that the DUI in this scenario is for driving under the influence of an illegal drug. With that in mind, it also got me to thinking that if someone is in a state where marijuana is legal, like Washington or Colorado, then takes a flight home to Pittsburgh and gets their vehicle from the parking lot to drive home, they are technically driving under the influence of marijuana. This is true because when someone smokes marijuana, there is an inactive metabolite called Delta 9 THC, otherwise generally referred to simply as THC, that can remain in the smokers body for up to a month or longer

Delta THC 9

Although Delta THC 9 has effect on a person’s bodily functions, it is technically illegal to drive in the state of Pennsylvania with THC in your system. Now that college is underway and young adults are moving away from home, living on their own, and trying new things, there are times when peer pressure can get the best of them. In no way do we condone criminal behavior here at The Law Offices of Gary E. Gerson; however, we do understand that young, formidable minds will often try new things such as marijuana and alcohol.

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If you have been drinking, don’t drive; and the same goes for cannabis. The laws surrounding drinking and driving and driving while under the influence of drugs can be convoluted and even arbitrary at times; that’s why we recommend hiring an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney like Gary Gerson if you, your son, or daughter has been arrested for driving under the influence of drug or alcohol, or for drug possession. Call 412-219-6875 with any drug crimes questions you might have today.

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