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Pennsylvania woman charged with fraud, conspiracy

Pittsburgh fraud lawyer

As a Pittsburgh while collar crimes attorney, I have helped many people who have been charged with fraud, embezzlement, forgery, and identity theft. Fraud can destroy a company, especially if it’s a small business; and being criminally charged with crimes like fraud and embezzlement can ruin a person’s career and send them away to prison for a very long time. Here in Pennsylvania, it is essential that business owners keep detailed records of their finances. Because a business owner, and possibly his or her accountant, have total control over the bookkeeping, it is sometimes seemingly advantageous to fabricate numbers in an effort for greater monetary gain. When a business owner and his or her cohorts commit fraud here in PA, they cause others to rely on false statements that provide insight about the company. In layman’s terms: lying to the tax man.

Woman steals more than $500,000 from federal food program

Earlier this summer, a woman from eastern PA who owned a daycare was charged with mail fraud and several other charges when it was found that she falsified stories about being threatened with vandalism. She also coerced others to write letters saying that certain children were no longer using her daycare. In addition to mail fraud, the woman used her business to deceive a federal program that compensates businesses whose owners provide meals for children. The woman allegedly lied about providing meals to children for several years and essentially “stole” more than half of a million dollars. To successfully pull this off, prosecutors say she made up children’s names and received extra compensation for those fake names. She is currently facing charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy.

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Fraud is not a crime taken lightly here in Pennsylvania. If you and your business are facing fraud charges, or you’re being charged with other white collar crimes, call Gary E. Gerson at 412-281-9980 today for a free consultation.

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