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Three PA residents arrested for counterfeit bills

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White collar crimes such as passing counterfeit bills can land you in a world of trouble. A few Pittsburgh-area residents recently found that out the hard way. Two men from Belle Vernon and a woman from Charleroi, along with a person from New York were indicted this past Tuesday for conspiracy and possessing and passing counterfeit bills.

Counterfeit money crimes

The investigation officially began in July when a Pennsylvania State Policeman busted a 31-year-old Belle Vernon man for using a fake $100 at a cash register in a grocery store in Connellsville, PA. Upon his arrest, the man admitted that he and another man, a 36-year-old also from Belle Vernon, were using fake bills in stores in areas between Uniontown and West Mifflin. The men admitted that they received the fake money from a person in New York City who used a special coating on the bills to make them look and feel real. One of the men admitted to a Secret Service informant that he spent at least $2000 in fake money in the month of July. Once a warrant was obtained, authorities tailed one of the suspects who was meeting with the NYC contact. He was identified as a 25-year-old New York native. While observing the two men, authorities say they used one of the fake $100 bills at the gas station where they met.

Three PA residents arrested

Once arrested, government agents found nearly $15,000 more. The woman, a 36-year-old from Charleroi, was also arrested, but it isn’t quite clear how she was involved. Although it is likely that she was a contact and may have arranged the relationship between the New York man and the Belle Vernon men.

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Being arrested for conspiracy, counterfeit money-related crimes, and other white collar crimes often find themselves looking at years, sometimes decades of jail time. If you have been arrested for white collar crimes, call Attorney Gary E. Gerson today at 412-219-6875.Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “4 indicted for passing counterfeit money” 29 August

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