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Ohio man charged with federal crimes, illegal drug branding

Federal crimes like drug-masking require a sound criminal defense attorney who can advocate on your behalf in front of some of the most scrutinizing judges in the entire country. With federal crimes comes federal penalties and in order to beat a federal rap you will be in need of an experienced federal crimes lawyer. A businessperson from Ohio is being charged with illegally selling products online that are designed to beat federally mandated drug tests. The products were allegedly sold as misbranded drugs by the suspect, which is a violation of federal law, according the United States attorney’s office. The suspect, owner of the ACS Herbal Tea Company in Middletown, OH, was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and for selling misbranded drugs via interstate commerce. Federal prosecutors say that the suspect used two different website addresses – www.123zip.com and www.passthetest.com – to the drug-masking products most commonly used for employees to pass drug tests at their place of work. One of the products in particular can be used to pass the type of drug test in which the federal government administers. The government administers these drug tests for people who take positions in public safety and national security positions associated with railroads, airlines, and trucking. In addition to the federal drug test masking products that he misbranded, officials believe that he also so two more illegal products – Eliminator Detox Carbo Drink and Quick Flush Herbal Detox Pills. These products are classified as drugs, but authorities say the suspect did not include any drug information on the packages or in his advertisements. If you have been arrested for federal crimes like illegal drug distribution between states, call Pittsburgh federal crimes criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 today. Source: Post-Gazette.com, “Ohio business owner faces federal charges in connection with drug-masking products” 31 December 2014

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