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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Federal Criminal Defense > Detroit oncologist pleads guilty to federal crimes, gives false treatments

Detroit oncologist pleads guilty to federal crimes, gives false treatments

This week, a Detroit oncologist has pleaded guilty to fraud, among other things, and admitted to prescribing patients chemotherapy when they didn’t need it. The doctor pleaded guilty to sixteen charges overall, including conspiracy and money laundering. And he was not given plea deal, as the U.S. prosecutor said that she would not bargain with a person who committed such heinous acts. The U.S. Attorney noted that it wasn’t the money she was upset about, but the torturing of patients by lying to them about having cancer and making them suffer through chemotherapy treatments. The 49-year-old physician was shown to have made millions in the scheme, highlighted by an interest he showed in an email to someone about purchasing a $3+ million castle in his home country of Lebanon. When the judge asked him if he was pleading guilty with no chance for negotiations, the doctor said “yes.” The oncologist’s attorney never made mention as to why the doctor did what he did, nor could he be reached for comment after the trial. The judge in the case recalls the attorney telling her that he and his client had met at least fifty times to discuss the evidence against him. Those affected by the doctor’s crimes were completely shocked more than a year ago when the scheme unfolded. Many of those who protested against the doctor outside the courthouse calmed themselves and came in for the final verdict. The doctor’s clinic, Michigan Hematology Oncology, was made up of seven different offices and another business that all performed tests that located cancers. Prosecutors say the doctor invoiced approximately $225 million in claims to Medicare over a six year period, billing for chemo and other treatments. All told, Medicare paid more than $90 million; the amount private insurers were billed still isn’t clear. One man who testified told the court that the doctor diagnosed his father with leukemia. The man’s father died in 2008. In court, he asked, “Did the drugs kill him or the cancer?” The oncologist is scheduled to be sentenced on 23 February. If more charges arise, they will be dealt with next year. The doctor will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. Pittsburgh Federal Crimes Attorney – 412-219-6875 If you have been accused of federal crimes like fraud and money laundering, call Pittsburgh defense attorney Gary E. Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 today. Source: WKBN, “Doctor pleads guilty to cancer treatment fraud” 16 September 2014

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