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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Drug Crime > Ross Township Man Arrested with Duffel Bag Full of Meth Paraphernalia

Ross Township Man Arrested with Duffel Bag Full of Meth Paraphernalia


What could be more innocent than a bag full of mason jars?  It depends what else is in the bag.  You can get arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia if you have a group of items that would be legal by themselves but which are rarely found together except in the context of preparing illegal drugs.  If someone has mason jars, essential oils, and various colors of wax, they are probably going to make homemade candles.  Meanwhile, someone who has mason jars, sugar, and fruit is probably going to make homemade jam.   Mason jars plus camping fuel and electrical tape, however, can be components of a meth lab and can get you arrested on possession charges even if you do not have any methamphetamine with you.  If you are facing charges of possession of paraphernalia or any other methamphetamine-related offense, contact a Pennsylvania meth crimes lawyer.

Drug Paraphernalia Possession Laws in Pennsylvania

Some items are so closely associated with the manufacture, transport, or consumption of drugs that, even though they are not controlled substances themselves, the Controlled Substance, Dru, Device, and Cosmetic Act considers them guilty by association.  For example, most of us do not keep thousands of tiny zip-top plastic bags at home unless we plan to use them to sell small amounts of marijuana to large numbers of people.  Most of us have spoons in our houses, but police get suspicious if one of those spoons has burn marks on the bottom as though someone has repeatedly been holding a lighter up to it.  Pennsylvania Statute 780.102 defines drug paraphernalia, the possession of which is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.  Of course, if you have both drugs and drug paraphernalia, the penalties can be more severe.

In the News

In September 2019, Michael Horning of Ross Township was on his way to the airport with a female friend, about to travel to Florida.  The two stopped in the parking lot of a Shop-N-Save in Greensburg to sleep for the night, but they got in an argument, and the woman drove away without Horning and alerted police that he was in possession of drug paraphernalia.  When police questioned Horning, he gave them false information about his name and birthdate.  When they searched his duffel bag, they found that it contained numerous items consistent with methamphetamine manufacture, including camping fuel, coffee filters, mason jars, salt, electrical tape, ice compresses, electric tape, batteries, and drain opener.  This unusual combination of items aroused suspicion that he planned to use them for the manufacture of methamphetamine.  They arrested him and charged him with providing false identification, as well as with possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Sometimes a mason jar is just a mason jar.  A criminal defense lawyer can establish reasonable doubt about whether the items in your possession were really for the purpose of cooking meth.  Contact Pittsburgh meth crimes lawyer Gary E. Gerson if you are facing charges related to methamphetamine crimes.





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