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Youth football league president court date set

The former treasurer of the Ligonier Valley Midget Football program was charged with diverting more than $12,601 from league accounts for her personal use last year. A Westmoreland County police detective charged the 32-year-old Ligonier woman with theft, receiving stolen property and, two counts of forgery. According to the criminal complaint, the thefts occurred between 21 August and 31 December 2014. The complaint alleges that the woman wrote thirty-six unauthorized checks totaling nearly $6,900 from the football league’s checking account to “cash,” wrote another fourteen checks totaling nearly $2,600 in the name of her boyfriend, and cashed eighteen checks totaling more than $3,100 written to herself. The detective said the checks were signed by the suspect and cashed by the suspect without the authorization of the officer of the Ligonier Valley Midget Football League. The Ligonier police chief helped in the investigation. The investigation began shortly after league officials started questioning its financial accounts in January. The detective says that the suspect advised the board she was having computer problems and was unable to produce a financial report. Then, in late March, the board again asked Brewer for a financial records and she told them there was only about $2,300 in the accounts. League officers then spoke to bank officials who advised that there was no money in its checking or savings accounts. A preliminary hearing will be scheduled before District Judge Denise Thiel. If you have questions about white collar crimes like theft or money laundering, call Pittsburgh white collar crimes attorney Gary Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875.

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