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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Wilkinsburg Man Receives Guilty Verdict Relating to 2017 Crash in Which a Passenger Died

By Gary E. Gerson |

Lots of people fear air travel, train travel, boating, and amusement park rides, but in fact all of those are less dangerous than traveling by car, which many of us do every day.  Car accidents have been a leading cause of premature death since the invention of the automobile, but cars and driving have… Read More »

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Westmoreland County Doctor Convicted of Four Counts of Drug Distribution but Acquitted of Other Charges

By Gary E. Gerson |

When a defendant is on trial for multiple offenses, the jury must decide about each one independently of the others.  Imagine that Mrs. Peacock calls the police to report her candlestick stolen, and she alleges that Professor Plum stole it.  The police search Professor Plum’s house, and they find a variety of items that… Read More »

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Leave the Police Chases for the Action Movies: Stop and Contact a Defense Lawyer

By Gary E. Gerson |

High speed police chases often form the climactic scenes in movies.  Even real-life police chases, and even at relatively low speeds, can attract viewers’ attention; in the summer of 1994, millions of Americans were glued to their television sets as police pursued O.J. Simpson, who was suspected of murdering his ex-wife, as he rode… Read More »

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