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Monthly Archives: November 2023


Pittsburgh Woman Faces Criminal Charges For COVID Relief Fraud

By Gary E. Gerson |

Convincing banks that they can trust you enough to repay the money that you are asking them to lend you is not easy.  After all, if you had that much money lying around, you would not need to borrow.  There is an entire industry dedicated to lending people money now and asking questions later. … Read More »

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Department Of Health And Human Services Recommends Rescheduling Cannabis At The Federal Level

By Gary E. Gerson |

Laws about cannabis reflect a lack of agreement about the contexts in which cannabis is beneficial, those in which it is a harmless vice, and those in which it is dangerous.  Some states have enacted cannabis laws where legal cannabis products bear as little resemblance to the marijuana prized by the 1960s counterculture as… Read More »

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Westmoreland County Woman Arrested For Trying To Buy Methamphetamine From Undercover Officer

By Gary E. Gerson |

Methamphetamine might not get a lot of press these days, but it is still plenty addictive and plenty illegal.  It seems like a lifetime ago that Nic Sheff wrote Tweak, a memoir about his experiences with methamphetamine addiction, and his father David wrote his own memoir Beautiful Boy, telling the same events from his… Read More »

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When Do Police Have The Right To Search Your Backpack For Drugs?

By Gary E. Gerson |

If you are going to travel across state lines with illegal drugs, it would appear that you have a better chance of getting away with it if you travel by bus.  Given all the security scanners and baggage inspections at airports, it is difficult to bring drugs onto a plane undetected.  If you travel… Read More »

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