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Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer > > Gary Gerson Cases > Attorney Gerson pleas various criminal charges down to disorderly conduct

Attorney Gerson pleas various criminal charges down to disorderly conduct

My client was an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh at the time of his arrest when he became disoriented after apparently drinking beer laced with a hallucinogen while attending a fraternity party. He later walked through campus and into the Towers dormitory completely naked. When approached by campus security and police, my client reacted violently and was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, Resisting Arrest, Open Lewdness and Disorderly Conduct. Subsequently, I was successful in negotiating a withdrawal of all originally-filed charges at the preliminary hearing level, for in consideration of my client agreeing to complete an intensive course of drug and alcohol counseling at Gateway Rehabilitation Center, and entering a guilty plea to one count of summary offense, Disorderly Conduct.  Ultimately, all originally-filed charges were expunged.

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