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Criminal defense lawyer Gary Gerson represents student in federal court

Impersonating another person in order to take any type of entrance exam is a serious offense that may fall under the designation of federal crime. Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson recently represented a person who was charged with such a crime. His client, like others who are accused of such crimes, are often misled into such circumstances and then find themselves in trouble before they realize what has happened. In total, eight of fifteen Chinese citizens were indicted on charges of conspiracy to take college admissions exams for other people who paid them. Federal prosecutors in Pittsburgh allege the tests were taken by these individuals in order for others to obtain a student visa. Tests such as the SAT were taken by people paid upwards to $5000-$6000, according to prosecutors. They say the scheme goes as far back as 2011. Students allegedly involved are enrolled at such prestigious universities as Virginia Tech and Northeastern. The eight people charged pleaded not guilty in a federal court on Wednesday. It is alleged that students send pictures from their passports to people who impersonate them and take entrance and aptitude tests. A U.S. attorney contends that the Pittsburgh investigation is part of an ongoing investigation that was started several years ago after concerns were raised by China and other countries in Far East. It is considered a federal crime because, as the U.S. attorney says, “…if that student status is obtained fraudulently, then that [student’s] visa is obtained fraudulently.” When asked about his client’s involvement, Pittsburgh defense attorney Gary Gerson said that his client was simply naïve and didn’t realize what he was getting himself into, contending that he was just trying to help a friend. If you are student or other person in Pittsburgh who has been charged with a federal crime, it is important that you contact a knowledge attorney who understands the federal legal process and can guide you safety through it. Call 25+ year Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney Gary Gerson today with questions at 412-219-6875. Source: Nasdaq.com, “8 Plead Not Guilty in Chinese Test-Taking Scheme for Visas” 17 June 2015

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