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Drunk driving suspect may have stolen vehicle

A Pennsylvania was arrested over 4th of July weekend on criminal charges after causing a single-vehicle collision on Interstate 79 on late Saturday evening. The 28=year-old man was alone in the vehicle when he was arrested. Authorities say he will face a drunk driving charges in addition to several other criminal charges. The defendant in this case remains in the Allegheny County Jail on $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing will be scheduled this week Officers reported that the man was driving a stolen vehicle when he was caught by police while driving on I-79 at about 6:30 p.m. in Ohio Township. The vehicle had been reported stolen by Baltimore City Police in Maryland. The man was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police. Authorities say the man was the only one inside the vehicle at the time of the accident. Police found him attempting to flee the site of the accident, but apprehended him before he could get away. The man is facing several charges, including drunk driving, receiving stolen property, evading arrest, and vehicle code violations. The vehicle was returned to Maryland, according to reporters. News reports contain some information about the man’s prior record and blood alcohol content level. However, it is possible to obtain a drunk driving conviction even without data from a Breathalyzer. It is important to remember that authorities still have the ability to administer roadside sobriety tests. Those evaluations can stand up in court, especially if they are caught on film. Further, this man is facing multiple offenses, not just the DUI charge. If you have questions about DUI defense in Pittsburgh, call Pennsylvania drunk driving lawyer Gary Gerson for a free consultation at 412-219-6875 today.

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