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Federal drug charges for ‘Bricks R Us’ heroin gang members

Getting busted with hardcore drugs can mean tens of thousands in fines and several years in prison. Judges are not lenient on drug charges stemming from narcotics arrests for things like heroin and crystal meth. For example, less than five grams of heroin can land a person in jail for as long as two years, and more than fifty grams can bring on a 5 year prison sentence. Having a successful drug charges attorney on your side is essential for a good defense and could mean the difference between losing everything and being thrown in jail for years at a time, and getting off with a short sentence and nominal fines. On Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it had made several heroin-ring arrests, including a local one known as “Bricks R Us.” The FBI says that as many forty-four people will be facing federal drug charges from the Wilkinsburg-based heroin bust that included approximately $500,000 in cash, other drugs, and guns. Some charges include conspiracy to utilize juveniles as drug runners, among other things, and everyone arrested is considered and outfitted member of the Brick R Us gang, otherwise known as “BRU Gang.” Some local neighborhoods affected by the drug ring include parts of east Pittsburgh and small pockets of Indiana, Armstrong, and Westmoreland Counties. Officials initially believed that the drug ring may have had ties that stretched as far as Newark, NJ and eventually found that much of the drugs did in fact come from New Jersey. The dealers, who conducted much of their business in the Monroeville business district, were known to wear identifiable t-shirts that read: A Hundred Bricks at a Time. Police say that most of their deals were done in parking lots and in business and restaurant bathrooms. Police say that they don’t know of any direct ties to the fentanyl heroin that was the product of several deaths earlier this year which is now part of an ongoing national investigation. Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Pittsburgh FBI Rounding Up Dozens In ‘Bricks R Us Heroin Ring” 26 May 2014

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