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Have you been arrested for violating probation?

When a person is convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, a judge will oftentimes give the defendant probation as a part of his or her sentencing in lieu of jail time, or in addition to jail time. In many instances, probation is viewed as a second chance in the criminal justice system, or as a way to reduce your jail sentence if, say, it’s a first-time offense. However, there are strict guidelines that usually come with probation that, if not followed, can end the defendant in jail or back in jail after time served. There are various stipulations that can come with probation. Some of them include completing community service in a specific amount of time. Others mandate a defendant hold gainful employment through the duration of their probation. It is also usually the job of the defendant to keep in close contact with his or her appointed probation officer. There are also generally rules against people on probation leaving a particular county or state without permission. And almost all probation assignments include rules against drinking or using drugs. Of course, using drugs is always illegal unless they are prescription drugs, but, while on probation, people on probation are usually drug-tested. Other ways in which a person can violate his or her probation include moving without reporting a change of address, changing jobs without reporting it, failing to pay restitution and/or fines, failing to complete community service in the allotted amount of time, failing a drug/alcohol test, not reporting to a probation officers, being arrested for any other reason (outside of minor traffic tickets). If you have questions about a possible probation violation, or if you were arrested while on probation and fear the worst, call Pittsburgh criminal justice attorney Gary Gerson at 412-219-6875 for a free consultation today.

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